*Silver Bream [#top]



**説明 [#description]

Young specimens of bream (Abramis brama) are called in Russian "podleshchik", which means "subbream" but they are more
commonly known as Silver Bream. Silver bream lives in big shoals in relatively shallow areas. Its body is always thinner and silvery.
Fins' color is gray turning into black. Thus, the so-called subbream differs from the adult bream, that has a darker high-backed body
and scaling with a gold shimmer. A bream is considered a silver bream, as long as its weight doesn't exceed 1 kg.



**クラスのボーダーライン [#borderline]

|Rare Trophy(青旗)||


**攻略 [#kouryaku]
-[[Mosquito Lake]]
-[[Winding Rivulet]]
-[[Old Burg Lake]]
-[[Kuori Lake]]
-[[Bear Lake]]
-[[Volkhov River]]
-[[Sura river]]