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**説明 [#description]

The Lake Trout is found in the lakes of the north-west of our country, in the Ladoga and Onega lakes. It lives in the lakes of
Norway, Sweden, Finland. Black Sea and Caspian subspecies of trout can also form lake forms. In addition, in the cold lakes of the
Alps and the Balkans, there are large lake trout, sometimes described as separate species. Lake trout live in lakes with cold and
clear water. It spawns into the fast rivers that flow into the lake. It keeps flocks, at a sufficient depth. The trout feeds on insects
that have fallen into the water, small fish, crustaceans. In the appearance of the lake trout, there are all signs of salmon. The body
is dense with an outstanding abdomen, the head is short, the jaws with sharp teeth. Big eyes. The lateral line is well visible. The
back is dark with a brownish tinge, the sides and belly are silvery white. On the sides and back are scattered numerous dark spots.
The wedding dress is very bright. The females are darkened by silvery sides, males appear orange streaks and spots, dorsal fins
darken, and the ventral ones turn bright red. In general, the color of this fish is very diverse and depends on the color and
composition of water and soil, diet and time of year.In natural reservoirs, the average body length of the lake trout is 25-30 cm,
with a mass of 0.8-1.2kg. Large specimens, for example, in Ladoga Lake can reach 8-10 kg.



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|Rare Trophy(青旗)||


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