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**説明 [#description]

The Catfish inhabits lakes and rivers of Europe and Asia, except those running into Arctic Ocean. It likes warm water bodies with
weak currents. Catfish prefer deep areas and snaggy pools. The catfish is a voracious predatory fish. It feeds on frogs, juvenile fish
and mollusks. There are known incidents of catfish attacking aquatic birds and even dogs. Catfish are an ambush predator, it
hunts in the time of twilight, attacking its victims that swim past. Its body without scales is covered with thick layer of slime, it is
almost black on the dorsal surface and spotted olive-green along flanks. The belly is very light, almost white. Catfish that live in
open water bodies with flowing water are distinguished by lighter coloring. Very dark specimens can be found in overgrown
areas with weak currents. The dorsal fin is small and less developed, the anal fin is long and fused with the caudal fin. The head is
wide and flat. There are two barbels on the upper jaw and four shorter ones on the lower. The catfish is a very large fish, its
reaches a length of 5 m and a weight of 300 kg.



**クラスのボーダーライン [#borderline]

|Rare Trophy(青旗)||


**攻略 [#kouryaku]
-[[Winding Rivulet]]
-[[Old Burg Lake]]
-[[Volkhov River]]
-[[Sura river]]